Adhesive Backed Steel Tape

Ideal for use with matching magnetic tape

  • Used with magnetic tape provides a temporary or semi-permanent fixing
  • Ideal for holding banners or temporary glazing
  • Roll length 30m, 13mm to 25mm widths available

产品概览 - Adhesive Backed Steel Tape

For temporary or semi-permanent fixings

Adhesive-backed steel tape can be used with the matching width adhesive-backed magnetic tape to provide temporary and semi-permanent fixings. The magnetic steel tape is supplied with standard acrylic adhesive.

The steel tape is a white coated mild steel that is magnetically receptive (permanent magnets will magnetically attract and magnetically clamp onto it). It is used to convert any surface into a magnetically receptive surface. The steel tape is supplied in reels and can be cut easily with normal scissors or tin snips. It is coated with white plastic on both faces and comes with two choices of adhesive on one side.

Standard Adhesive backed Steel Tape

The standard adhesive is an excellent all-round mounting adhesive allowing application of the steel tape onto surfaces including paper, board, metals, painted surfaces and plastics. The standard adhesive steel tape also has good bond strength with low surface-energy plastics on which most acrylic adhesives cannot adhere well. It is also ultra-violet (UV) and moisture stable.

Foam Backed Steel Tape

The steel tape with a foam adhesive backing is a high strength good all-round mounting adhesive that allows application to most materials and surfaces including smooth or uneven surfaces. The foam adhesive backing allows bonding of the steel tape onto uneven/rough surfaces by being able to bond better to the uneven contours than to the standard adhesive versions. It is ultra-violet (UV) and moisture stable.

How to Use Steel Tape

As a general rule, when bonding to plastic surfaces, if the plastic feels “oily” (slippery to the feel) then any adhesive may struggle to bond well to it – roughening up the surface to increase the bonding surface area and hence improve the ability for an adhesive to bind may assist (plastics can sometime wick adhesive away limiting the effectiveness of any adhesive).

The steel tape is perfect for use with flexible magnetic tape but can also be used with other permanent magnets such as ferrite magnets, NdFeB (neodymium iron boron) magnets. It has a wide range of uses but is mostly used in magnetic secondary glazing applications, magnetic flyscreens, and also in magnetic signage applications (visual communication systems, advertising, etc)

The steel tape is supplied as 30 metre (just over 98 ft) long rolls in three widths – 13mm, 20mm and 25mm. The  widths directly complement our range of flexible magnetic tapes. We can also supply, upon request, the steel tape in 35mm and 50mm widths but there can be a 10-12 week lead time in order to produce and supply these larger widths – please contact us for a price and lead time if you require 35mm or 50mm wide steel tapes. One popular application for steel tape is for use with magnetic secondary glazing. The steel tape is put onto the window frame (so its white coating closely matches the white paintwork of the window frame) and the magnetic tape is on the Perspex sheet to create the secondary glazing. 


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