Magnetic Sheet

Easy application for signage and display jobs

  • Strontium ferrite in thermo-plastic binder.
  • Max. operating temperature 80°C.
  • UV coating for cleaner handling.
  • Flexible and impact resilient but can easily be cut using scissors.
  • Regular shapes can be cut using inexpensive dies.
  • Available with plain, white gloss or standard acrylic adhesive backing.
  • Coloured and dry-wipe finishes available

产品概览 - Magnetic Sheet

About Magnetic Sheet

The magnetic sheet is a calendared strontium ferrite magnetic powder within a thermo-plastic binder to create a thin sheet which is then magnetised multiple-pole on one surface. It is a flexible magnetic sheet that will attract and hold onto magnetically receptive surfaces. The magnetic sheet has one magnetic face and can be put against itself to attract magnetically, but it is normally put against a ferromagnetic surface (mild steel sheet, ferrous sheet, etc). The binder is the limiting factor on the maximum operating temperature of the magnetic sheet. Above +80 degrees C the binder starts to soften the magnetic domains to cancel themselves out which results in a demagnetisation. So the maximum operating temperature is +80 degrees C.

The Magnetic Performance of Magnetic Sheet

The magnetic performance varies with the thickness of the material. The thinnest magnetic sheet (0.5mm and 0.6mm thick) has a 22 grams per square centimetre pull force rating. The thickest magnetic sheet materials (0.75mm, 0.80mm and 0.85mm thick) have a 44 grams per square centimetre pull force rating. The flexible magnetic sheet is impact resilient.

The magnetic sheet is supplied in 620mm and 1000mm (0.62m and 1m) widths in 10m, 15m and 30m roll lengths (depending on version). We also offer 0.15m x 0.15m square pieces (in 0.75mm thickness). All the flexible magnetic sheet versions have an ultra-violet (UV) coating – this assists with keeping the sheet clean (no blackening of fingers when you handle it – also assists with converting material with other materials such as vinyl backing, adhesive backing, etc). The magnetic sheet material can be easily cut with scissors, craft knife and dedicated plotter cutter. Regular shapes can be cut using inexpensive dies.

Variations of Magnetic Sheet

The flexible magnetic sheet comes with different finishes. Plain flexible magnetic sheet has no adhesive or vinyl surface – it is generally used by printing companies who wish to add their own adhesive or printed vinyl by conversion to meet their own specifications or requirements. Adhesive backed flexible magnetic sheet has a standard acrylic adhesive backing layer added to the unmagnetised surface. Such adhesive backed flexible magnetic sheet can be adhered to other materials or surfaces as necessary (e.g. making light-weight parts magnetic).

Vinyl backed flexible magnetic sheet has a vinyl layer added to the unmagnetised surface. Such magnetic sheet can then have the vinyl printed onto to create customised signage and advertising. We supply gloss white vinyl magnetic sheet, and can also supply other colours of gloss vinyl sheets if required. We may also be able to supply customised printed magnetic sheet required. We can supply gloss vinyl flexible magnetic sheets with a dry-wipe finish. We can also supply customised variants of the above and even some alternatives (within reason) such as adding a ferrous layer between the magnetic layer and the vinyl. Please contact us with your requirements.

Applications include vehicle signage, Point of Sale (PoS) displays, magnetic advertising, magnetic displays (e.g. maps), magnetic conversions, adverts, banners, etc.


产品型号FinishPull force (g/cm2)Roll length (m)Thickness (mm)Units per packWeight (kg)Width (mm)Width (in)Roll length (ft)Thickness (in)Weight (lb)
060524A2Gloss Vinyl White28300.614362024.498.50.02494.6
060724A2Gloss Vinyl White44300.8516062024.498.50.033132
060724D2Gloss Vinyl White44150.8513062024.4500.03366
060724X5Gloss Vinyl White2832.50.6123100039.4100.02450.6
060724X4Gloss Vinyl White44100.85133100039.432.50.03372.6
060711A2Adhesive Backed44300.816062024.498.50.031132
FM650Adhesive Backed440.7550.0711505.90.030.16


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