Magnetic Tape

Ideal for display applications or attaching secondary glazing

  • Strontium ferrite in thermo-plastic binder.
  • Max. operating temperature 80°C.
  • Magnetic on 1 face only.
  • Can be cut with scissors.
  • All supplied with standard acrylic adhesive.
  • FM652, FM663, FM664, FM665 are also available with premium acrylic or foam adhesive.

产品概览 - Magnetic Tape

Flexible magnetic tape is a thin extruded material comprising ofstrontium ferrite magnetic powder within a thermo-plastic binder. The flexible magnetic rubber tape (as it is also known) will attract to magnetically receptive surfaces such as mild steel, ferromagnetic stainless steel and other high magnetic permeability materials (e.g. iron). It is usually magnetised on one face only (multiple pole across the width), and can attract to itself, but only the mating versions give perfect alignment.

The flexible magnetic rubber tapes have a maximum recommended operating temperature of +80 degrees C – above this temperature the thermo-plastic (rubber) binder starts to soften causing a demagnetisation as the magnetic domains realign to cancel themselves out. The flexible magnetic tape is mainly used with itself or with steel tape. The combination of magnetic tape and steel tape is used in applications such as Secondary Glazing conversions and Magnetic Fly Screens.

The steel tape, existing with adhesive backing, can be fixed to a surface to allow magnets, such as the magnetic rubber tape to be attached to it and easily removed afterwards as required. The magnetic tape comes in a variety of thicknesses and widths.

 All the magnetic tapes are easy to cut into different lengths – simply cut them to size with a pair of scissors. For more performance simply use more surface area of tape. When using tape on tape for performance, it is recommended to adhere one tape down on where it is required, overlay the other tape (magnetically overlapping), then remove the adhesive liner and adhere the other part in place (this guarantees the best magnetic performance possible).

Magnetic tape works best either in direct contact with ferrous surfaces (such as mild steel sheet) or in direct contact with itself – any air gaps in the way will cause a reduction in achievable pull force. Magnet on magnet can be up to two times the performance of magnet on steel.

There are four possible finishes in relation to the adhesive backing layer:-

• Plain - no adhesive • Standard acrylic adhesive backed - suitable for applying to card

• Premium acrylic adhesive backed - suitable for applying to metal and plastics

• Foam adhesive backed - suitable for applying to uneven surfaces

The FM652, FM663 and FM664 flexible magnetic rubber are all supplied with a standard acrylic adhesive. The FM665 versions are also available with premium acrylic or foam adhesive. 


产品型号Length (m)Pull force (g/cm2)Pull force (oz/ft2)Thickness (mm)Units per packWeight (kg)Width (mm)Length (ft)Width (in)Thickness (in)Weight (lb)


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