Rectangular Premier Chuck

Premier range grinding chucks provide precision performance

  • For fast, accurate, secure holding of ferrous components
  • Thick all metal top plate - high accuracy and long lifespan
  • High corrosion resistance - resists damage from coolants
  • Gives 5 face access to work-piece

产品概览 - Rectangular Premier Chuck

Fast, accurate, safe clamping

Premium permanent magnetic chucks for tool room grinding applications. Our premier magnetic chucks set the benchmark in high performance workholding. Guaranteed to retain their magnetism, the premier chucks are manufactured from high performance materials which provide optimum holding power and efficient use of the workholding area. The product design ensures repeated accuracy and a long product lifespan, even in multiple re-grind applications.

  •  Unique top plate concentrates magnetic energy on to the chuck face
  •  Easy, instant on-off switching - removable operating handle
  •  Allows adjustment of position before full hold is engaged
  •  Fail-safe permanent magnetic technology



产品型号Length (mm)Height (mm)Width (mm)Pole pitchWeight (kg)